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    Praia do Canto

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    Barcos na Ilha do Frade

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    Enseada do Suá

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    Terceira Ponte e Convento da Penha


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Vitória, the capital of Espírito Santo State, is located in an island with the same name and is featured by its amazing beauty and its modernity. Founded in 1551 and being one of the 10 oldest cities in Brazil, Vitoria is growing quickly and has a lot to offer: beaches, night life, international hotel network, excellent restaurants and an impressive mall. All this items makes Vitoria one of the best places to live and to visit in Brazil .

Vitoria, also know as "A Ilha do Mel" (The Honey Island), is the largest island in an archipelago where 34 others can be found. Its geography is featured by a winding and rocky coast line, a bay and a canal.

The port of Vitoria integrates to the city and is a landmark between Vitoria's tourist attractions.

Vitória county is located at latitude 20º19'09" south and longitude 40º20'50" west from Greenwich and has 93 km² of area. The time zone here is GMT - 3. The city is located in the center of a metropolitan area with the same name which has 1.3 million inhabitants, that represents about 40% of the total population of Espirito Santo State.

In Vitoria downtown most of the city's history has been preserved in the colonial-styled houses, churches and antique Forts, where century-long traditions have been kept and admired by the "capixaba", which is the name given to the locals.

In the East side of the city, the visitor will find good restaurants to eat the typical sea-food pie called "Torta Capixaba" (Cod Pie, fresh fish and crustacean), and at certain places and times it is possible to watch to a presentation of the popular "congo" bands and buy hand crafted goods as clay pots.

The blue sea and the green mountains under the tropical sun are the basic components that made up a city which couldn't have other name: Vitoria (which is the translation for the word "Victory" in Portuguese).